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What are the differences between the different training levels?

The differences between the training levels include the level of sophistication of the techniques, the intensity of the training and the complexity of the boxing combinations and strategies. During our training sessions you will be taught the correct boxing stance, punches and defence techniques and their combinations.

Do I have to fight with others?

No. During boxing training, we will first of all teach you various attack and defence techniques and take care of your shape. And if, after a while, you want to try your hand at sparring, we will organise that too in a safe manner.

Is boxing a good way to lose weight?

Definitely yes. The intensity of boxing training, and therefore the amount of calories burned, is enormous. More than during other workouts. Check out the calories burned ABOVE.

Is boxing a good way to gain muscle mass?

Boxing training can contribute to an increase in muscle mass, especially when it includes elements of strength and interval training and a proper diet rich in protein and carbohydrates. However, this is not the main goal of this type of training, which focuses more on improving strength, endurance and boxing technique.

How long does the class last?

Boxing training takes between 40 and 60 minutes, depending on the discipline chosen and the training programme.

What should I wear to class?

For boxing classes, it’s best to wear comfortable, breathable sports clothes such as shorts or sports leggings and a t-shirt or sports top. In addition, don’t forget boxing gloves, hand pads and sports shoes. It is also important to take a towel and a water bottle with you. Don’t worry if you forget something, you can always buy it from us.

What can I expect at my first group class?

At your first group class you can expect an introduction to basic boxing techniques such as positioning, basic punches and leg movements. The trainer will also introduce you to the basics of boxing training and safety. Exercises will be conducted in an atmosphere of motivation and support, and the whole group will work together to learn basic boxing skills. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and start your boxing adventure in a friendly and inspiring training atmosphere.

Can I use my Multisport card for all activities and services at the club?

Yes, you can use your Multisport card for all activities and services at the club.

How do I purchase a voucher for classes at the club?

Through our website.

As a woman, do I want to maintain a shapely figure? Is this the activity for me?

Of course! Boxing workouts for women are the perfect way to achieve a shapely figure and get in great physical shape. Not only do they provide intense cardio activity, but they also help to strengthen the muscles of your entire body. In addition, boxing training engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, which speeds up calorie burning and fat reduction. What’s more, boxing is a great way to express emotions and release stress, which contributes to your overall wellbeing and confidence. Whatever your level, boxing training for women is tailored to your individual needs and abilities, providing you with motivation and support on your journey to achieve your goals.

Will the classes teach me how to fight in real life?

Boxing classes can teach basic self-defence techniques, but they mainly focus on improving technique, physical shape and ring skills, rather than preparing you for a street fight.

How many calories will I burn during a 30 minutes workout?

The calories burned during a boxing workout can vary depending on the intensity of the workout and your body weight and skill level. However, as a general estimate, a boxing workout can burn 500 to as many as 800 calories or more, especially if the workout is intense and involves a variety of boxing techniques and intervals of effort. Therefore, regular boxing workouts can be an effective tool in the process of reducing body fat and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Are the clubs open 24/7?

We will soon be open 24/7 to give you flexibility of training and access to the club at any time of the day or night. At the moment, in line with the clubs’ current opening hours, we are working according to a set schedule.

Will you help me choose my equipment?

Of course! At our boxing club, we have a team of experienced professionals who are happy to help you choose the right equipment. Whether you need boxing gloves, a punching bag or pads, our experts will give you expert advice and support. With our experience and knowledge, you’ll be confident that you’re choosing equipment that will meet your needs and help you achieve the best results during your training sessions.

Does boxing training involve risk of injury?

Our boxing club places great emphasis on the safety of all our members. Although boxing is a physical activity with some risk of injury, we strive to provide professional instruction and supervision from trainers to minimise this risk. In addition, we follow appropriate safety protocols and ensure that the correct equipment, such as pads and boxing gloves, are used to keep our participants as safe as possible. If you have any concerns or questions about safety, our team of instructors is always ready to assist and advise.

What type of exercise / workout do boxing classes offer?

Boxing classes offer intense cardio and strength training, improving shape, endurance and muscular strength.

Does boxing harm your knees?

Boxing training, like many other forms of physical activity, can put pressure on joints, including the knees. However, if performed with proper technique and under the supervision of an experienced instructor, the risk of injury can be minimised. It is also important to warm up properly before training and to use the correct footwear and training ground. In addition, boxing training often focuses on working on strength, balance and coordination, which can contribute to strengthening the muscles around the joints, including the knees. Therefore, provided the right approach is taken and training is performed according to one’s ability, boxing can be part of a healthy and active lifestyle without causing significant damage to joints, including the knees.

Can I choose a particular trainer?

Of course! At our boxing club we strive to provide the best possible service to our members, so we allow you to choose a specific trainer to suit your needs and training preferences. We have a team of qualified instructors with a diverse range of experience and expertise, so you are sure to find a trainer that is right for you. Contact us to discuss your training preferences and we’ll help match you with an experienced trainer to accompany you on your journey to achieve your boxing goals.

Can I change trainer after the session has started?

Yes, you can change your trainer once the session has started, but it is advisable to consult with the boxing club staff beforehand.


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