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True Crime Story at Global Boxing Gym
September 25,2013

True Crime Story at Global Boxing Gym

The new season of the hit True Crime Series on Investigation Discovery will present 20 reenactments of true stalking stories from across the globe. One of the episodes was filmed at Global Boxing Gym on Wednesday, September 25th.

“Stalked: Someone’s Watching” transports you into a terrifying world of stalkers and their victims. Hosted by criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward, each episode follows the dramatic, emotional stories of stalking victims and the twisted psychology of the people who relentlessly pursue them.

This episode will present a story of the female boxing champion Christy Martin and her husband Jim, and will focus on the ups and downs of being a professional boxer.

Martin is said to be “the most successful and prominent female boxer in the United States” and the person who “legitimized” women’s participation in the sport of boxing. On Tuesday, November 23, 2010, Martin was shot and stabbed by her husband and trainer, Jim Martin.