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March 06,2012

Where’s Waldo? Rios calls Gamboa a coward - Gamboa MIA…again!

Boxing News

The champ showed up, so where was Yuriorkis Gamboa? Top Rank's Todd DuBoef spelled out the timeline of events on how this fight transpired, making it clear that it was Gamoba's people that pleaded with Top Rank to make the fight Vs. Rios.  He also fattened the pot and told the Media today at the press conference that Top Rank is giving $100,000.00 bucks bonus to the winner of the fight. This is good stuff, and 8CN applauds Top Rank for stepping up and doing a great thing.  One problem, where is Yuriorkis Gamboa?  Once again he was a no show at today's press conference. 

Rios being a true champion showed up.  He stood before the media today and told everyone that Gamboa is a "Coward" and that the man needs to show up and fight him. DuBoef told those in attendance that Top Rank is going forward with the Rios Vs. Gamboa fight which is scheduled for April 14th.

Check out what Rios had to say today when he addressed the media   HERE

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