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September 07,2012

Shane Mosley shares thoughts on his retirement, promotions, and Shane Mosley Jr

Boxing News


Shane Mosley since retiring from boxing has been keeping busy outside of the ring. Today is his 41st Birthday, and he admits that he does miss boxing. Mosley has been busy doing some promotional work, and he's busy working with his son Shane Mosley Jr, who's an up and coming amateur fighter.

Mosley is doing a lot of great work to raise money for cancer research. He has an upcoming fight card on October 6h featuring current WBO bantamweight world champion Kaliesha West Vs. Christina Ruiz. Some of the proceeds of this fight card will go toward cancer research.

Shane also shares some thoughts on Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mosley additionally talks about the upcoming Lopez Vs. Canelo fight. Lastly, Mosley talks about the Olympic boxing team, and why he feels that USA boxing has declined.

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