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February 06,2012

Miguel Cotto: Has a real shot at beating Floyd Mayweather

Boxing News

Throughout his illustrious career Miguel Cotto has shown to have the ability to come back and get a stoppage victory over his opponent. Early on in his career he proved to be a real exciting fighter at junior welterweight and when he moved up he seemed to lose a bit of power but still have the ability to hurt his opponent. Following his first career loss to Margarito it seemed for the first time in his career that Cotto was broken down. Following that fight was an uninspiring performance against Josh Clottey in which many people were wondering if the Margarito fight took something out of him. Maybe he was done and a fight with Pacquiao where he weighed in at 145 pounds proved that maybe he was done. But upon further looking at those fights a lot of people seemed to have forgotten that although Pacquiao is a great fighter his team is also pretty bright in negotiating that Cotto come in at 145. If you recall Cotto was struggling mightily to make 147 as it is and so when he came in at 145 he was really weak. The second Margarito proved to0 many of us what we thought all along that Margarito without his plaster is not threat at all and Cotto would stop him and get his most satisfying victory to date. That victory in my opinion gave something Cotto had lost awhile ago and that is confidence.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

There have been many theories as to the type of fighter that can defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr. and early in his career he struggled with the likes of Jose Luis Castillo. But since then he has faced a slew of brawlers from Arturo Gatti, Victor Ortiz, and Diego Corrales and not only that but as he moved up he faced stronger punchers. The Floyd we saw at junior lightweight has moved up and is a much better and more experienced fighter. But the type of fighter he has not fought is a boxer puncher which is what Miguel Cotto is. Cotto uses his excellent footwork and mixes his jab with his awesome body punching ability. For Floyd Mayweather who is the best counter puncher in the sport you would have to agree that no matter who wins the fight it is going to be exciting to watch as Cotto will bring the fight o Floyd.

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