Christian Villanueva

Christian VillanuevaCREDENTIALS

  • Master in Exercise Science and Health Promotion concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention

  • Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

  • Certified Speed and Explosive Specialist (National Association of Speed and Explosion)

  • Body Weight Training & Functional Training (The Institute of Human Performance)

Professional Experience:

            Presented by dynamic lifestyles, the hustle and bustle of the real world certainly creates challenges as we are forced to neglect our health. More often than not, we forget the value and benefits of essential exercise as our workdays are confronted with a busy and stressful schedule. In the process, we are consumed by the workload giving little or no time for sufficient exercise. As a result, we become deconditioned, gain weight, experience chronic pain, and become mentally and physically drained. Unfortunately, this vicious cycle will only continue to worsen unless we find effective solutions to combat it.

            On an athletic level, I am tremendously concerned with the occurring and re-occurring injuries that are sustained by athletes as well as improving performance and longevity. Through my extensive educational background and wide ranging experience with clients, the knowledge have certainly allowed me to further understand the nature of sports specific movements that may lead to injuries such as “pattern overload” or “overtraining.” In addition to, I have also written my thesis researching the “effects of combat sports training in relation to fitness” with emphasis in improving performance and injury prevention.  

            As your trainer (8+ years), I understand the repercussions of sedentary occupations as well as what busy and athletic lifestyles can present. I am committed to help you reach your fitness goals as well as identifying the weakness areas in order to strengthen your body and its kinetic chain. I am motivated by the “think out-of-the box and minimalist training” as reality is constantly presenting obstacles at any given moment. So let’s find that formula that works for you to help you reach your goals while achieving balance!