Gym Rules

  • Shirts must be worn on gym floor at all times
  • All equipment is to be wiped down after use
  • No cursing or foul language on the gym floor
  • All towels are to be placed in the laundry bins in the locker room after use
  • No sweaty garments are to be left in the lockers overnight
  • Please respect the property of others
  • No outside shoes (besides sneakers and training shoes) are to be worn on the gym floor
  • Please dispose of all water bottles and paper towels in the trash bins located on the gym floor
  • Please keep all iPods to a minimum
  • No visitors are allowed on the training floor area
  • Please clean up all bar soap products from locker room showers
  • Please turn off steam room after use! this is done by pressing the red button on the wall
  • No food allowed in the training area
  • Management reserves the right to suspend all member privileges
  • If you need assistance with anything feel free to ask the front desk!

Thank you!