About Us

Global Boxing was founded by Mariusz Kolodziej and opened in 2010 in North Bergen NJ.  At Global Boxing you do not have to be a competitive athlete to experience training like one. We house top level Boxers and MMA fighters which include world class trainers. Global Boxing Gym provides a very positive atmosphere which offers support in helping maximize each individual’s potential. The welcome you receive at the door sets the tone for a guaranteed great workout whether you are coming to train for Boxing, MMA or taking one of our many classes.  We have Muay Thai, cardio kickboxing, grappling, Hot Yoga and Zumba classes just to name a few. The instructors we have at Global Boxing work with each other for the benefit of the athlete. Personal trainers are also on staff to provide the guidance and motivation needed for the individual in achieving their fitness goals. We all share the same vision and work together to provide the best training in this world class facility.

  Mon-Fri: 9am to 10:00pm
  Sat: 8am to 3pm
  Sun: Closed

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